WHAT A DAY!! WOW! After a break yesterday as the day was cut short at 15.2k, it made today a lot more important to jam out as many kilometres as I could in 6 hours as I really want to join the boys in making it to 250k by the finish line. Yesterday we enjoyed some time with my fellow American friends celebrating Thanksgiving. Sat phones were down so my attempts at calling did not work. I guess we have been too far south for almost 3 days to get and satellite connections. The upside is I just came back to so many beautiful messages from people. THANK YOU!!

Today started early with a 5:30am wakeup call to get the race started as close to 7:30 as possible. Out here that includes breakfast (such a lucky plus), and then packing up a race bag and drop bag, then a course briefing followed by a process to clean our boots and then board zodiac boats to get to the race site. Today was another challenging day. The loop was 3.1k and all in was 5,800 feet of climbing. The weather here is 32F / 0C so the snow is not the easiest to navigate through. Each day for the past three days, we tend to spend the first loop or two just packing out the track a bit. Today I was honoured to run the first 4 loops with Kyle, which were his last 4 loops. It was really exciting to see him come to the finish line as the first male.

All day I pushed and pushed and never let up to get every kilometre I could. I never let up and only stopped twice on the tarp to eat a snickers. Here you must eat your snacks at the tarp due to rules in Antarctica. I will jump more into that when we start to sail home and the running is complete.

Absolutely everything hurts right now. Sunburnt lips and face, swollen feet, strained tendons, strained Achilles, tight and sore legs that throb all night long, and then for some reason my body always decides to have another period. We all just waddle around the boat like penguins. Our bodies are completely wrecked and I really don’t know how we get up each day to do it all over again. There are so many moments that you push snooze and toss and turn in utter exhaustion not sure how you will get up. But the will and might of the goals of making history, inspiring the masses and pushing to raise funds and awareness for the LymeLight Foundation soon make you fly out of bed and get after it.

I cannot believe that I am 4k away from a goal that has taken a full year with so many sub goals that are also going to occur. I am in total shock really.

So now we have set sail for 16 hours to head to Half Moon Bay for the finish. I am finally excited to run in the snow and celebrate those victory laps with honour and pride. Folks will have around 3.5 hours to try to get to 250k and then at the end we will all share moments of victory together to a really hard week of work in the toughest race of them all.

So now we rest once more and take in the epic views on our sail. It is an incredible day with epic weather and we are soaking in every minute of the sail. The sun never really goes down all of the way here so we are able to enjoy a lot of time viewing the sea as we sail. Even when our whole body is so sore and we cannot sleep.

Thank you everyone for the messages and positive vibes and love this week. Most loaded today. To celebrate my victory tomorrow, please consider making a donation to the LymeLight Foundation through my auxiliary fundraising page that you can find the link on Facebook or in my Instagram profile. That would mean more than anything!