Hey folks!

I am not sure how long I will last typing this with us back in the Drake Passage and the boat is rooooooling and nowhere near as bad as it is projected to get on the way back.

Stage 6 was so fun. We ran at half moon Bay. Now mind you the day was fun because I only had to run two of the 2.4k loops to finish 250k and then another leader victory lap with Kyle later on followed by getting our medals. The course was flat, but technical with super crusty snow that you kept falling in. But every frustration on the course turned to excitement as thoughts of a yearlong project took place. There have been SO MANY ups and downs during the Grand Slam Plus adventure that sometimes you look back and wonder how you actually survivied.

What we all assumed would be an easy race full of victory laps was the most challenging week of running of my life. We are so excited to finish and totally exhausted at the same time. Every pain in my feet and legs today, I knew that in just a few km’s I can rest as long as I want to recover.

Receiving this medal is such a huge deal and emotions were exploding inside.

I am so glad to achieve every goal I set out for!

  1. I officially am the first woman ever to compete the Grand Slam Plus…wow!
  2. I will be crowned the 2016 4 Deserts Female Champion
  3. We have raised over our goal of 10k for the LymeLight Foundation
  4. I will be the 2nd woman ever and 3rd individual to win all 4 of the 4 Deserts races in a fiscal year
  5. I ended upbeing top 5 and the only female to reach 250k

I am still in complete shock due to the project being so long this year. I think it will sink in even more once we all get through the Drake Passage and have the awards ceremony in the Beagle Channel.

I am mostly thrilled at how this is and can continue to inspire women and individuals to get outside and explore. I am so thrilled at the final push from everyone to help out by donating to the LmyeLight Foundation. THANK YOU!

Thank you everyone for your love, support and messages!