Hey there folks

Stage 4 came upon us with an extra-long rest and on Thanksgiving (Happy Birthday Lance)! The whole concept turns when you now start to calculate how many kilometres you have and how many are left. Once you hit 250k, you are finished. I began the day at 193.6k. The loop today was 3.8k on a glacier in Dorian Bay. There were so many penguins and they looked so happy in their element. Some walking around, others sliding on their bellies, some swimming and others snuggled together standing. The stage was my favourite yet. After taking the first 3.8k to pack down the snow, it was the most runnable course yet. The top half of the course was windy and a bit of a concern if they would cancel. Having experience in those conditions I just bundled up and enjoyed the running track. To finish in the 7 hours we had today, I would need to do 57kms. I was mentally focused to pick off as many as I could to make tomorrow a really short day.

Low and behold as I started to come in to loop 4 there was a line of folks with their drop bags approaching the zodiac boat =(.  The wind was too dangerous to continue and the day was cut short. I am not sure if it is a Thanksgiving gift to get to eat more and nap a lot from the universe, but I will take the rest and enjoy a 15.2k day =)

So therefore the new total to try to reach between tomorrow and Saturday is 41.2k. I hope I can make it as an extra plus to it all.

Now, to take advantage of the extra time to rest and enjoy the sights of this pristine location at sea. We are currently moving slowly and pushing through ice. It is surreal. Every once in a while you will see a seal resting on an ice burg. The sights here are epic! Jaw dropping really.

I will share more when I have energy and have completed the running mission and we will set sail back. This race has taken all of my energy and might. My body is wrecked. This is the hardest race of them all by far.

Cheers folks and more to come,