Hey there folks,

I am not really sure where to start here. I am sitting in the observation lounge on our typical cyber tent tablets as my legs throb from 127.8km run in the past two days. Everyone is trashed, walking around like zombies and sore. The format is quite different here at The Last Desert. Personally for me, it is really taxing on your body. Due to the risk of bad weather coming in at any given time, there is a huge push for very long days if the weather is good. Thus, day 1 was 79.8km and today ended with 48. Now add in extremely challenging terrain with slushy slow, crusty snow, mud, sand, and a roughly 5 kilo pack. Last night we finished at 8pm, dinner at 9, stretch, recover, shower (such a gift), and pack for today. We went to bed at around 11:40pm and then woke at 5am to run by 8:30.

The loop yesterday was 11.4k in a boomerang style. It was fun but exhausting and our first day wrapping ourselves around the idea of running in loops. The terrain was really hard due to the snow being soft and slushy from warmer weather. Then there were roads that melted and had a mix of snow and running water so having dry feet was out of the question. The weather was magical I guess for that area. Super special for us and allowed us to run foreeeeeeever and a joy for all of those that live at the various research facilities. As the day rolled on, I began to struggle quite a bit with my IT band cramping up and pulling on my knee. Not so fun =( then it became endurance, strength and pain management. I was really afraid.

Today was really hard with little sleep. I rolled half of the night trying to loosen up my legs while we were at sea all night until 6am. I was so worried my IT band would tighten up again and knew a big day was ahead. The loop was on deception Island and was 2.9k long. This already was going to bechallenge with the loop being so small. At 10 loops in we swapped directions. This also helped us to see where we were at with competition. I took it easy to just get myself back together for tomorrow. I am not glad that I did because we just found out we will try to run from 9:30am-8pm. Weather permitting, yet it is looking good again.

Tonight we will be at sea for 15 hours until 7 or 8am. Depends on ice that they may have to navigate around. Cool eh? It is currently snowing outside. Many runners are hoping that it will keep snowing because we are so sore…

I am so tired with so little recovery ahead. It is taking everything in me to compete and be in the lead in the end. This has been the hardest race for me by far.

I will write much more once we wrap up the running. There is so much to tell. Send good vibes and successful thoughts my way for tomorrow.

Time to keep focused and power through.