Hey folks,

The journey has begun. We have been at sea for 37 hours and boy have we been lucky. On our journey at sea, 48 hour of the 2.5 day journey is at the Drake Passage. The Drake passage is known as the roughest seas in the world. So rough that you don’t even want to leave your cabin. Low and behold we must have brought some runners luck with us as this has been very calm compared. We are still rolling from side to side, but we are able to get around and enjoy the ship while at sea. Every day we have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a treat at 4pm. The ship is beautiful and we are all really enjoying being together. We all cannot wait to begin running as so many of us are at the last phase of a year long journey in the Grand Slam or Grand Slam Plus. Others also will join the 4 Deserts club if this race is the last one and they completed the others at any time in the past. The food is great and the beds are really comfortable. We are even spoiled with hot showers.

I am so excited to begin running. This is one long taper. It make me want to run around outside the ship. Word is we will be able to see land around 6pm and will drop anchor near Antarctica at 10pm about 10 hours left to travel.

The trip is going really well so far, and I haven’t experienced any sea sickness. I am so glad about that. I am continuing to do my core, glute work with a TRX that I brought and rolling to stay fresh.

That’s it for now. I cannot wait to start picking off the miles to achieve big goals and make history.