Day three is a wrap. It tested every limit in my body, mind and spirit today. This is all a part of what this is about. Strength, stamina, positivity and grit. I had to dig deep and stay on top of my game and continue to give my best performance. This is where you find your deepest level of strength to haul on when your feet are tired, your body is tired and your mind is tired. I ended up in a win again today and I believe gained another hour for the gap from 1st to 2nd. Hoping to gain more tomorrow and then Thursday can be a day of celebration.

The day started around 1am for me with crazy winds outside making you feel like the tent was going to take off into the sky. Around 6:30 It set us all into a frenzy to pack up. The wait to start was hard with cold, wind and you could see stormy skies in the distance.

The race today was a mix of hot, cold, side wind non-stop, super technical bouts and really long sections that rolled along the terrain and you wondered if camp would ever appear. We climbing rolling hills all day with 2100 feet and down to end at the same elevation as we started. My feet were getting rocked with all of the loose rock stabbing into the bottom. They are still throbbing. That aside it was beautiful. The mountains here are so beautiful. We had one stream crossing that was fun and was nice on your aching feet due to being cold. Overall it was just an epic 26.6 miles taking everything out of you. And somehow we rest, eat and repeat.

Tomorrow we will begin to descend into the valley. Camp is at 5,800 feet md over the next two days we will eventually get to 190 meters. Some descending in the future =) we will begin our journey towards the black desert too. Temps are going to start to climb big time so we need to start to prepare for that mentally and physically.

Fuel today was a Voke Tab to start and then a Honey Stinger waffle, Honey Stinger protein chews, Dang coconut crisps, Sweedish Fish and almonds. Yummy! Hydration was 3 Drip Drop sticks.

Alright. Need to rest up folks! Thank you all so much for the emails.

As always I am doing the Grand Slam Plus quest to raise funds and awareness for Lyme Disease through the LymeLight foundation. To join me during this feat to donate please visit my auxiliary fundraising page on my blog titled “Day 0”

With love and light!