Hey folks!

Day two is complete. So stoked! I won the stage again and spread the gap by 2 hours 27 minutes. Just going to keep sticking to my program and race daily and see what happens =)

Getting the leader bib this am is such a special moment. Especially after stage 1. It is worn with a lot of pride.

The night was a little rough for me. The cold and damp air from continuous raining was hard. You don’t even want to leave to walk to the far away toilets because it will just be freezing so you just wait for a silent moment and jam out and back. The thunder isn’t my fave either but I held on well. I was so grateful for the extra blankets that were given in our yurt. When I can’t sleep I end up just rolling and stretching. Some sad news there is I lost my trigger therapy ball =( not sure if it fell out of my bag or I left it at camp. Out here when you bring a luxury item like that and loose it, it is full on tragedy. Back to my old tricks of finding a good rock and using s stuff sack to roll. You have to roll with the punches out here and just adapt quick.

The course today was sweet, challenging and fun. We spent stage 1-2 climbing 3k feet over the mtn pass to get to the other side where camp 3 is. It was pouring rain most of the way until the last 8 or so kilometers. I was frozen and couldn’t wait to get to camp. That aside the climb, mtn running and views were just jaw dropping. Really cool terrain. As you came down you could see the black desert in the distance. It is legit black folks. Tomorrow is going to swap to some serious heat. Thankfully I am loaded with salt tabs and Drip Drop and am pretty good about managing that scenario. Constant electrolyte mgt is the name of the game. If you get off track, you will suffer. I am sure I will finally bring out my iPod too. I use it the last stage to breeze through it.

Fuel today was a trail mix of Swedish fish, marcona almonds and Dang chips plus a Honey Stinger Waffle. I am a little more hungry today due to the altitude going over 9k feet and from stage 3 yesterday. Looks like in Atacama I should just plan to have Imodium on day one and more food on day two and roll with the punches.

Alright folks, speaking of food, I’m going to go mow down on my Expedition Foods Mac and Cheese. 805 calories for 167 grams. Legit and so tasty. I have it 5 f the 7 nights. =)

As always I am doing the quest to become the first female in the world to accomplish the Grand Slam Plus in honor of the LymeLight foundation. There is a serious lack of awareness on the fastest growing infectious disease in the world and I am honored to push to help fix that for Lyme Disease. Please join me in donating to my auxiliary fundraising page that can be found in my blog post titled Day 0.

THANK YOU to all that have send blog comments and emails. It means so much to me and really helps me to keep going!

With love and light,