Hey folks!

Day one is done! Leading lady and stoked! It took 4:13 and was both super fun and challenging. My body gets a little rocked every time day one comes and a combo of jet lag, nerves, etc makes my tummy a bit unsettled checkpoint 3-4. Besides that I just jammed along smooth and steady. The terrain was absolutely beautiful. Loved every part. Many parts reminded me of Jackson Hole back home which is fun. Rocky and technical, meadows and fields, and then out of nowhere a massive sand dune like a mini mtn to climb up and traverse over. Epic. I am so happy to begin in the lead this race with a nice gap. I feel blessed. And to top it off we arrived to a yurt camp where we will stay. We even all have blankets and pillows. I am going to sleep so well. Last night I was quite cold so this will be awesome.

I loved Lance’s quote today in my DAY 1 note: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”

Sometimes I feel this feat is on the border line of that quote for sure. And then my coach Eric Orton wrote this in a message today:

Be the runner you want to be and demand the impossible!

That’s some great inspiration!

And now it is one of the most important days to kick off the habit of rest, food, recovery.

Thanks to those that have already written notes and blog comments. It means the world to me!

For those jut joining my blog, I am trying to become the first woman in the world to accomplish the Grand Slam Plus. I am running in honor or the LymeLight foundation to raise awareness and funds for Lyme Disease. Please join me as I go to help by donating to my auxiliary fundraising page located in my blog post here on “Day 0”. You can follow the whole journey on Instagram @wonderwomanjax

Until tomorrow!