Another day zero is upon us. Athlete meeting, shake out run, and now finishing up on work emails before I hop off the grid with the crew to camp 1. Camp one begins up in the mountain region of the Tian Shan mountain range. I am really excited about this part. Although it will be cold, and it could rain, I am prepared for it and cant wait for the technical running and some hilly terrain in altitude.

It is really fun as a returning competitor to see all of my friends out here. It is like a family reunion every time. Old friends that for some you feel like their sister.

I am so blessed to be out here and accomplish this epic feat to raise awareness for the LymeLight Foundation. I cant tell you how much being out there and fighting through the elements matches what the Lyme patients that have to fight through daily in treatment protocols and to try to just get out of bed. It is the fastest growing infectious disease in the world and it is not getting enough attention out there among the masses. It has been reported in 49 states and 6 continents and is a serious issue out there. I hope that my feat will help raise more awareness and help to provide grants for children and young adults that are desperate for the medical care that they need. To check out my auxiliary fundraising page click here

I cant thank my friends, family, and sponsors enough for helping to make this journey possible. On my shake out run just now, I recalled many memories of running with friends, Loki, Meredith, track work with my new coach Eric Orton and Scott riding his bike along side while I pushed through a hot and humid 10 mile run. Thank you to DripDrop, Salomon Running, Zeal Optics, CEP Compression, VOKE TAB, AVEX Outdoor, Exepdtition Foods, Honey Stinger, Stoked Roasters and Beet Performer.

Reflecting back on training for the past 6 weeks, I took a solid recovery and then built right back up in volume. I ran two races during this past 6 week break from Namibia and placed 2nd female in both half marathons which was a confidence booster considering I am in ultra shape and still rocking a 1:31 half. Mileage was good topping at 80 miles a week and eating good food. I also worked a ton on really exciting opportunities for Stoked Roasters and we moved for the 4th time in 6 months! in our current hometown of Jackson Hole.

T-minus 1.5 hours until we hop on the buses to the start. It will be a 3 hour drive out to camp 1. I can't wait to get settled and begin the race tomorrow. There is so much anxiety that builds until the first gun goes off to start. And then you settle in and begin your rituals for success.

Cheers folks and enjoy the journey. I will keep in touch with you out there daily.

With love and light,