“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” - Ralph Marston

It is stage 4 today, blistering hot, downhill for most of the day, and we experienced every kind of rocky terrain imaginable. Small rocks, big rocks, sharp rocks, sandy rocks, round rocks, square rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks. Now this is fun n’ all but not so fun when two days prior jamming down a mountain pass my foot landed right on a sharp rock putting my foot pad into excruciating pain. On worn shoes, now just about every 100th rock over today and yesterday jams right back into that tender bruised area. Then the foot swells and then it feels like it is going to explode. And what do you do? You think about the quote at the top and bottom of this blog and you yell at the rock and then you think about something else and press on. Now take that scenario and replace it with many other issues that could come up, including the 40+ Celsius temps today and tomorrow and you just go for it.

No complaining. No fussing.  No whining. Just change your thinking and GO! If you don’t, it will be a long day.

That is my motto in these races for the most part. Dig deep ad grind it out baby!

Today was 27.7 miles of this and that ending at an abandoned military camp which is really cool. And it is blistering hot where you can’t even think of taking a nap because your tent is a sauna. So hot that earlier almost all of the tablets in the cyber tent over heated. So hot that out dog mascot that ran day 1-3 decided to take a car ride to camp. Good news is that the race crew found a foster home for our dog mascot to go to when the race is over. Hems such a cutie. I hear you can see him ln Facebook.

Tomorrow is the big long day. I believe I am walking into it with almost a 5 hour lead for the women. Some have asked what I will do about that as far as enjoying the view and taking it all in a bit tomorrow. As a competitive lady and still wanting to place in the top 10 overall, I have thought to maybe take 2 minutes at every aid station to chat and look around vs racing through and then also maybe take my heart rate down 5 beats less. It is already in zone 1 the past 2 days but maybe just a little bit slower to just save it all for the Atacama crossing which I have really high hopes for.

A fun fact is that the 5 of us that are pushing for the Grand Slam Plus hit our halfway point today early in the day. And the most exciting stages are ahead for me in Chile. I just love that terrain and it will be nice to go to a race where I know the course and what to expect. As far as the series goes I am in the lead among all 5.

I am off to rest up for the 47 hot miles in my near future. Hopefully I am done 24 hours from now! Due to the long march going through the night for some, the cyber tent won’t open until the rest day. Until then, Live it up and go out for an adventure in your hometown as we jam out our long day.

As always, I am running the quest for the first female in the world to complete the Grand Slam Plus in honor of Lyme Disease for the LymeLight Foundation. To donate, please visit my auxiliary fundraising page that can be found in my blog roll here under “Day 0.”

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. - Joseph Campbell

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