Hey folks

Today was a great day and ended with a stage win!! So stoked. This also reduced my gap to Kathia by 15 minutes! I am guessing I am roughly a minute behind now =)

It was a perfect day enjoying dry heat again. 33deg Celsius today and in the direct sun it feels even hotter. The terrain started with the first stage of 7.5 miles in sandy / rocky terrain. It was followed by rocky terrain through an area that looked like a different planet again. Moments of rocky rolling terrain reminded me of the Atacama Desert as well. The course notes for today titled the day as The Red Planet which was quite fitting. As a guy said to me just now, if you were to film a movie in mars, it would look like this. So epic. It was fitting that Lance’s note today spoke of how the terrain we are seeing today only 99.9% may see. I am so glad as I raced that I looked up to enjoy the view. It was epic. Many mental pictures were taken.

Fuel today was the same as yesterday enjoying my trail mix of honey stinger chews with nuts, coconut flakes and some Swedish fish. Each day when I get back I enjoy 2 VOKE tabs. Sometimes I eat them in the last stage. And immediately upon finishing I drink ultragen asap.  

My Salomon S-lab ultra race trail shoes are rocking in the terrain here and still netting out at zero blisters!

Today I thought a lot about those that are pushing through Lyme disease. They are struggling though challenges each day and this experience in so many ways parallels that. They have to be so strong and mighty day in and day out. To learn more about the LymeLight Foundation and Lyme disease and my auxiliary fundraising page , please visit my facebook page at /JaxMariashKoudele

Today’s stage is dedicated to Marissa who had to pull out at stage two due to a nagging injury that flared up. It is also dedicated to my tent mates in tent 16 who have been so supportive, and encouraging each day. Once again my tent has quickly become family to me. They are all so special and make the experience out here much more fruitful.

Thank you also to so many friends and loved ones sending messages to me. It means so much and really keeps me going out there!  

I am full of appreciation!