Hey folks!

Day 4 is complete and with anther WIN! So stoked. I can’t even put it into words.

I began the day with a minute and a half to catch the lead woman Kathia overall. At the finish of today I unofficially can announce that I am the woman’s leader. The gap today was 35.5 minutes making the lead in my favours roughly 33 minutes going into stage 5. Today I was also 6th overall I believe with the boys =) This is the long day so I conserved my energy today for the second half to prepare and conserve. The long day will be 48 miles with mixed terrain, some sand and word on the street is some dunes too. It will be long, hot and an adventure so please keep me in your thoughts. I still can’t believe at the morning briefing I will pin on the yellow leader bib. Yeahoo! Slow and steady has been my mantra and it seems to be working great!

Some have asked what a day in the life of multi stage ultra-racing is like, so here is the scoop for me:

5:15am: wake up and immediately prepare oatmeal and muscle milk for breakfast – 470 calories

5:45-6:40: Take a morning siesta and digest

6:40-7:30: pack up and prepare my race snacks: Honey Stinger waffle and chews, almonds, coconut strips, 2-4 sweedish fish and a VOKE TAB. Then Drip Drop for every check point as well as a salt tab for every estimated hour I will be running.

7:30am: Morning meeting and course briefing

8am: Race start

8am to roughly noon or 3 and the long day probably 6-8pm =)…hopefully

Arrival to camp: chug ultragen asap and enjoy a VOKE TAB.

Arrival to 5:30pm: Clean my feet and take care of any blisters. Set up my spot in the tent asap to be able to nap. Blog and email. Then nap or stretch until 5:30 or 6.

6 to 6:30: Dinner of Expedition Foods, my fave is mac and cheese.

7:30pm: Bed time. Some nights I get a solid sleep, others it is just almost 10 hours of lying there. Snoring is all around you so that can be hard to sleep, even with ear plugs. As the days go on, snoring gets louder! Here in Nambia it is autumn so the days are getting shorter with sunrise at 6:23 am and sunset at 5:42pm so going to bed at 7:30 actually becomes easy.

Camp life is also great here. Each camp has had epic views and the local camp staff is amazing. And get this! We have port-o-potties vs a hole in Sri Lanka. And they even flush! Super luxury.

Alright folks! Until tomorrow.