Howdy folks,

Day two is in the books! It was a very gruelling stage. There is word that it may be one of the most challenging of them all. The beginning was really pretty and traversed up and down over the ridge by the beach. At about 5 miles in we arrived at the coast where we followed it along in deep beach sand for over 25k. It was rough. The highlight was seeing a seal colony and a shipwreck at checkpoint 3. From 3 to 4 it was noted to be difficult with wind and uphill and undulating terrain. Nothing a little black eyed peas, salt-n-peppa and many other artist couldn’t help me rock out to jam it out with no problem. I actually enjoyed it. I also thought a lot about my husband and dog loki helping me along during the points that seemed to never end in the gruelling sand. Today Kathia and I were together again until cp1 and then she scooted ahead. I managed to stay only 5 minutes behind. What is even more impressive was that Magdalena was 4 or so minutes behind me and Maki was 3 or so minutes behind her. Competition for the ladies is steep and day by day it looks like it could be anyone’s race.  It is that much more important to stay focused on recovery each afternoon. Legs up!

Fuel today was similar to yesterday with honey stinger waffle, dripdrop, salt tabs, honey stinger protein chews, coconut shavings, marcona almonds, and two sweedish fish. Its working great! Breakfast is the staple oatmeal and muscle milk. Dinner is full of expedition foods varieties.

Camp is full of sunshine and folks finishing as I type. Everyone crossing the line today seems to be relieved!

Tomorrow will be filled with easier terrain and hot heat. It is here! Stoked to sport my desert hat look. Ha! It looks so funny but it sure helps!