Yo folks

Day one is complete. Wahoo. In  a flash blogging begins again here at the cybertent. It is surreal how fast time flies. It feels like just yesterday I was in Sri Lanka blogging at the beach.

The course today was an easy one traversing along the coast in a windy day. The field took it out quite fast today. Maybe a little too fast. I fell victim to it for a bit as my heart rate was setting around 7-8 beats higher than my heart rate cap. Nervous runners all pushing out the cob webs. At around 10k Kathia caught up to me and we jammed along for a while and I approached that moment with myself where I looked at us and realized we were pushing it too hard. Both of our heart rates were too high and her breathing was too prominent. We chatted about it for a bit and even thought to both slow and settle in and run together. In the end as hard as it was to do I settled back to my heart rate cap rule and settled in on my own and let Kathia go. There are so many days left and day one is just a blimp in the radar and it is critical to not put the whole race out in day one even if that means you lose the lead. I also have a day 1 jitter that happens and still can’t seem to shake an upset tummy. So for a bit I dealt with the results of that with bathroom stops. All good but not so fun. Still need to figure out what is the deal with that coming up day one of each race. The good thing is even with that happening the gap between us is significantly less than I have been in past races. I seem to be one that gets stronger and stronger each day. Positivity and staying to my regimen are critical.

The desert here is beautiful. Especially along the coast. Epic terrain for sure. I look around and try to figure out where mad max was filmed a lot. Lance’s notes are always so special out there. Todays was great mentioning to pretend I was with max mad and I had a posse of hot ladies helping me to overcome obstacles as they come. Thanks ladies!!

Fuel for today: honey stinger waffle and a trail mix I made of honey stinger protein chews, coconut shavings, almonds and two sweedish fish =) I actually strugged a bit to eat so I had half of it while I recovered.

Blister check: zero so far! Yay! I have a little rubbing on my back so we added another piece of tape to prevent further chaffing there.

Pack notes: I added a few luxury items back in last minute and I am SO GLAD I did even though the weight is now more. The sleeping pad that I was on the fence about came and boy is it luxurious! Best decision ever! Lance will be so happy that I kept it. I also kept my tin cup since the bottles here are too big. It is aweeeesome for oats, my powders and chugging water. I still carry a heavier load but the food in it works so well rested nights and a happy belly win.

I will leave you with Lance’s quotes that he gave me today:

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Basil King

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Cheers and lets close this 8 minutes gap tomorrow!