Hey Everyone!

Day 0 is here. The hustle and bustle of folks preparing to ditch all of their belongings and take one pack out into the desert to make magic happen in mind, body and spirit. The nerves are high as the meetings take place and gear check in occurs.

I am so glad to be here after 24 hours on planes, and 24 hours of lay overs combined. It feels so great to see so many familiar faces here and feel the positive momentum among the masses. There is a sold out roster of atheltes here topping at 223 from all over the world. I am honored to run alongside each and every one of them.

It was extra humbling to see Thanh who is also trying to make history like me for women. We love being roomies before the race goes off and I am so glad she is pushing to be the first female for Vietnam and Southeast Asia to complete the Grand Slam. That means that the two of us will now get to be together at each of the rest of the 4 races.

It is wild to think that this race will be the 2nd of 5 in 10 months. With Atacama crossing added from last year, it will be 6 races in 13 months. WOW! One step at a time right?!?

Athlete checkin was a breeze today. My pack came in at 8 kilos, which is 4.2 kilos lighter than it was at the Atacama Crossing. Yeahoo. I feel fit, strong, healthy and the best that I have felt so far for a race.

So here we go for race two of the journey to become the first female in the world to complete the Grand Slam Plus with stage 2. I am stoked for the conditions, and the climate is my style all of the way with hot and dry and cool at night.

I will blog each day from the field. See ya out there in spirit.