Just like that stage 5 is in the books. We have arrived at the town of Yala and everyone is looking forward to the last 55k tomorrow that will take us to the beach at the Indian ocean. We cannot wait. So excited.

Today was smooth sailing with stage 3 being a bit hot. Other than that it rained a ton which was very refreshing. We traveled over a hanging bridge which was cool. The scenery is so beautiful and the terrain is so plush.  I decided to cut a hole in my shoes today due to my foot swelling from my ankle and a gnarly blister underneath from being squished. Worked like a charm. There are so many moments out here where you must problem solve in a snap to stay successful. It is a good life lesson when the issue arise to skip the panic and just go into solution mode.

I am stoked to keep solidifying my position as 2nd lady as well. Not too shabby off of ski training and minimal running.

Our night was very long with non-stop rain at our camp site. It makes things like even going to the bathroom a wet struggle and everyone started today wearing wet clothes but with a smile. It all just adds to the experience to make you tough. Our tent banded together like family to get through. Our tent rocks.

We are having slight moments of rain here at our new camp but mostly sunshine and everything is drying. It is a good reminder that everything shall pass.

Until tomorrow, at the beach!!