Hey there,

We are sitting in the cyber tent enjoying a beach breeze at our tents are pitched right next to the ocean. Today was long, humid, hot and undulating but we made it through with success. I am happy to finish the final stage as first female today. It was the icing on the cake to handling so much adversity and making one last push. Just thinking about the adversity on this race and pushing through just makes a tear drop down my face. The last 1.5 miles were very hard and hot and it has been tough running alone most of the week. I dug deep and decided to think of someone special in my life every tenth of a mile. 15 special people thinking of our relationship and how much I love and appreciate him or her. One was for my grandma Rose too who I felt was with me today. During this time I also ran past a huge Buddha statue around 20 feet high. It was magical.

After the clock stopped today at 30k, we continued in groups of 8-10 through the national park for another 13.5 miles. They allowed a special circumstance for us to have an escorted walk/run through the park. I hoped to see an elephant but we didn’t end up seeing anything. Our group was the top 8 of the day and we pressed on the brakes and enjoyed the time. Not to say that moments were very hot, and had struggle but we pushed through and around 2:45pm we finished 52.4k for the day and were greeted by the beach. I am grateful for Ralph that kept m company to the end. Yay!

It’s all I  the bag now. Tomorrow our tent decided to run the last 4k as a group to the finish line. We are stoked. Family run. And from there food and celebration and a stinky 5 hour bus ride back to Kandy to a shower!! Yay! We will celebrate tomorrow evening at the banquet together.

My ankle is in one piece. Swollen but all good. I am not sure how I just blocked it out and carried on. Last night I could not take the compression bandage anymore and cut it off. Today it survived just fine but there is another blister and more heat rash. Ack! The day started at 99% humidity and not sure how hot it got but it was hot and sunny.

So now we sit back as the beach breeze blows and congratulate each other on finishing a seriously epic feat this week. It has been a very hard race and my heart and thoughts go to any that had to drop out.

To the finish line tomorrow!

With love and light