Today was a day full of peace. The course meandered through sugar cane fields, a dirt path with butterflies, a stream crossing to my waist and passing through small villages and ending at camp with a short walk to two gorgeous Buddha statues. Today I took a lot of time as I ran alone thinking about appreciating the terrain, people, animals, and my body pushing through each mile. I ran with solitude and peace.

My ankle held up well. Tender but the compression bandage plus cep compression sock did the trick. I took it slow and easy today to be good to myself and knowing it would be very hot and humid again and it was 28.89 miles. I finished 2nd again today which I am totally happy with. With 5 races this year I knew coming in mid ski season that I would in a sense be racing into shape. Jackson Wyoming literally is full of snow and ice.

I do want to share a bit about the LymeLight foundation who I am running in honor of. Their mission is to provide medical grants to children and young adults so that they can heal from Lyme disease. It is the fastest growing disease and insurance companies do not provide aid. My mission is to try to raise funds to be able to give grants on behalf of them to help them heal so they can get back outside to explore. Please join me in this effort at my donation link in my first blog post here. We created fun ways to donate per km run or any amount.

That’s it for now. Time to rest, eat and elevate.