Holy moly folks, today was a day of adversity and mental muscle but I prevailed.

We had two segments today in the jungle. The first was moody and epic being on watch to not run into an elephant. Epic eh! The next jungle phase was more terrain that was beyond technical. Unfortunately it served up a rolled ankle and my day went from leading lady to perseverance. I was able to trot in to the finish with a minor sprain. We will tape it tonight and it should be good to go and just a bit sore.

I also struggled a bit with the humidity. Coming from a climate of teens and twenties t 6.5k feet and ice and snow on the ground my adjustment has been hit or miss. Today involved getting a bit dizzy and very hungry. I ate into rations coming up but still can adjust around to be fine.

It is a science sometimes out here. Run, eat, take care of your body, stretch, recover, eat, sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, last night our 10x10 tent flew away in the wind. It was an epic 2am moment. We ended up enjoying the night under the stars. It was magical really in the end.

Well as lance said in his message to me today, love your body and appreciate it. Feel appreciative for what it can do and the places it can take you. Today was a perfect example as we exited the jungle into a massive wall with Buddha carvings.

Time to eat freeze dried mac and cheese, tape my ankle and hang with my tent mates. We are one big family out here. Looking out for each other.