Day two was Great! I ended up 1st female today and 4th overall. This will move me to 2nd overall and making up half the time on the leader. Strong ladies out here which is epic. The stomach bug is gone! Phew! That aside, I attest today mostly to my husband lance. Today’s note from him was the following…

“A river cut through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Be water today baby! Flow around obstacles without effort. Be mindful and positive when confronting challenge. Negativity is wasteful. When you meet and object that you can’t flow around…you will be strong like the water and ware it down. You are powerful. You cannot be stopped. Move swiftly today sweetie. Move with purpose. Loki and I wait for you and cheer you on!”

Everything was smooth, steady, and nutrition and hydration was perfect. Quads will be sore from the down but it’s all good.

The course today was a lot of down and also up ending down at camp. Passing through villages and we saw an epic waterfall.

Need to keep this short to share cyber tent time.

With love and light,