Hey folks

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it was full of love and light! LOVE you LANCE!

Gonna cut to the chase here. Today was rough. Every last bit. Not going to sugar coat it. The day began quickly arriving in a jungle. It was Legit. Radical stuff. Loose footing, trees and roots to climb over, and many omg moments. To shed lightly the staff loosely cut a path out in the jungle for the race.

Once out, we traversed through tea plantations, and then a slew of us went the wrong way for 3k. This lead to a turn around and running into other team mates. Placed lightly this lead to a drop from female leader to 2nd. The next portion was to hike up a rocky path and all of the sudden my energy took a plummet. A bonk of some sorts occurred with nausea and I could barely move. I kept trying followed by long moments of breathing and feeling fainty. Moments later I had to run in a bush for a bathroom moment (not the good kind). Moments later I met the medics and I kept having to stop and sit down. All of this in the first 12k. ugh! From equipment malfunctions, getting dizzy and sick and then resting I struggled to mentally turn my situation around.

At the checkpoint I had a Zofran, got fuel and then slowly treaded to checkpoint 2. Another Zofran later at checkpoint 2 and the only item I could imagine consuming was nuts. This section was back in the jungle. It was as epic as the first time. Unimaginable terrain and many low moments seeking strength and tenacity.

Checkpoint 3-4 was the best of the worst. Dizzy but moving faster up a hill for 5k then down for 2.5 to camp. I wanted so badly to get to camp to the reset button. Eat, rest, hydrate and stretch.

So 3 liters later and 3 hours later I finally may be on the upswing folks. So we gain strength back, and my positivity ad sense of humor re-collect and push on.

Unsure if it was the heat and humidity plus the altitude resting  around 1,780 meters or eating something bad. Positive thinking it is the turning point eh!

On a fun note, I luckily did not have any leeches stick to me and although my feet were on fire for half of the day I did not get a blister…phew!

Hoping for a turn of events tomorrow and I can make up lost time. Time for a big serving of freeze dried mac and cheese.

As always, please take a moment to check out the LymeLight foundation. A donation link is in my post yesterday.

With love and light,