It is here folks, day 0! Tomorrow will be the start of the Grand Slam Plus journey in honor of the LymeLight Foundation. To see my fundraising page click here.

After 38 hours of travel I arrived at the host hotel (Mahaaweli Reach Hotel) last night around 10:30pm. That shower never felt so good. So did this morning's knowing that I will not have another one for a full week.

Athelte check in went eazy breezy and we are packing up to head out for a 4 hour drive to base camp. I have chocolate, honey stinger, freeze dried spaghetti and meatballs and drip drop.

The training leading up to the race has gone like a charm. Many more pack runs this time to get used to the weight. As well as training in 2,000 (6.5k feet) meters since December. The skimo training will help make any climbs feel seemless for sure. From jungle'ish terrain, hot heat, humidity and wildlife sightings it should be an amazing course.

And last but not least, my pack is around 17.5 pounds (7.9 kilos) instead of 28.8 9 (12.9 kilos) this round for day one! Yea!

Cheers folks. Stoked to have you along cheering.