Hey folks!

Distance: 27.4

Position: 1st female, 5th overall

High point: The first section of the day is always fun to navigate through sand dunes, rock and varied terrain with a huge steep sand dune near the end before checkpoint one.

Low point: Long stretches of the same terrain for miles and miles.

I am nestled in camp 5 after stage 4. It was a fun day, but long and hot. Today’s stage is one that is long, and a bit draining so I made a decision to take it easy and coast along to save up for the long march tomorrow. I was so lucky to spend the entire stage with Daniel. We kept each other going and it helped so much when the path just went on and on as far as you can see. We also helped each other to hold back and save it for tomorrow. You can’t ever underestimate the long day ahead so you want to have a smooth run, get to camp, fix your feet, and find any points of chaffing as well as rest a ton. Nap as much as possible and eat up. I have a little bit extra running food in my bag due to finishing faster than expected, so I am just eating it all today =)

I’m going to cut it short and rest and visit with my tent mates. They are hilarious. Brendan will come in from a 3rd day without a shower and announce to the tent that he feels so sexy today. Folks move you sleeping pad to the side to squeeze in. The tent stinks like crazy in the morning. Ludy is on cloud 9 scoring top 40 in two stages…and boy do we hear about it. It goes on and on. No matter what kind of day you have out there, you have your “family” to come back to at night.

Cheers folks and I will check back in on the 7th when the cyber tent is back up in action after the long march.