Hey there folks,

Day 3 is complete! Yay! I was dreading that day and I took it on with full positivity and strength.

Stage: 23.9 miles
Results: 1st female, 3rd overall
High point: Finishing with a smile vs last year in full struggle and also running the sandy / flat rock terrain vs last year I was a mess at that point.
Low point: Running on whompy crusty mud where your feet fall into the earth down to your shins as well as coral reef terrain.
I had a slow start today with getting myself together, so I was hustling until 1 minute to go before starting. The day had extremely challenging terrain and, of course, it was hot. The day was a big flip flop of positions depending on what stage we were at. At each check point my overall position was 1st, 2nd, 6th, 1st, 3rd. In the last 4.5k we had to crawl straight up a sand dune about 1k past Tommy and Ben zoomed by. I stayed close enough to Ben to sustain 2nd overall for the cumulative standings still. Yay!
This was a stage that you constantly had to think about positive thoughts and smile. You have to take on each difficult stage with optimism and just push through knowing it won’t go on forever. I was happy to be with the lead boys as we all pushed each other and kept going strong.
Lance had the perfect notes today to handle obstacles and embrace challenges by being grateful for everyone in my life and think about positive visions. It helped the entire way.
My body is still holding up for the most part. I developed a nasty blood blister under my toenail so that was not a fun visit to the med tent. It will continue to be tender as I couldn’t deal with the pain of drilling  hole through the nail but we were able to relieve some pressure from getting a needle in the side. So nasty eh?
Mentally I feel strong and I am excited for tomorrow. It is one of my favourite stages.
Until tomorrow,