Howdy Folks,

Please enjoy an article that came out today from the Jackson Hole News & Guide featuring the epic feat to become the first woman in the world to complete the Grand Slam Plus. Participating in any 4 Deserts foot race is not an easy feat. Especially when adversity comes on within day one and in the first 12k. Most can't really understand exactly what we placed our bodies through out there. Atacama Crossing last October was a lucky race in the end taking the silver for women and 14th overall with little adversity. Sri Lanka showcased a new layer of challenges and mental grit that I dug into to again take silver and 9th overall. Enjoy a story by Jackson Hole News&Guide that takes you into the grit the one must endure to come through the finish line and in my case take on 4 more challenges this year in honor of the LymeLight Foundation. Zeal Optics CEP Compression USA Drip Drop Stoked Roasters VOKE TAB Honey Stinger Beet Performer Salomon Running LymeLight Foundation Photo Courtesy of / Myke Hermsmeyer