As a finale post for the journey in Sri Lanka, I leave you with my speech at the awards banquet. I will move all of these blogs over to my website so that as the year goes along folks can follow the entire journey of all 5 deserts in one place. Please enjoy the journey by following on my instagram and Facebook pages as well. And lastly, please take a moment to visit my fundraising page on the Lymelight foundation. We will be raising funds the entire year. I cannot wait to help a child/ young adult with the medical grant they need to heal from Lyme and provide the ability for him/her to get back outdoors. Cheers and be well!

So my husband said something to me in a note for day two:

Here is my parting words at my speech for getting 2nd female and 9th overall =)

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its, power but because of its perseverance." I would have to say, all of us flowed like a river this past week. Whatever the outcome was, we pushed through. These past 7 days have tested every part of our physical and mental beings. We have had to dig deeper into our levels of strength, tenacity, determination, and mental grit than any of us ever knew was possible.
A race like this allows us to approach life struggles and skip the panic and sort to the solutions. A great life lesson to acquire.

It teaches us to bond to another human without judgement and allow our full self to come forth.

It also teaches you that the impossible, is in fact possible. For me, as soon as day one, stage one, in race one as I had already experienced equipment failure, a fall tweaking my knee and was lying down on the trail vomiting I experienced a moment of fear of success to complete the grand slam plus. Mind over matter and I was back on my feet finishing the stage as second female.

What we experience with our team mates here at camp is often more intimate than experiences we might have with our best friends at home.

To Sandy, thank you for your comradely. To Carlos, thank you for lifting me up when I began to fall yesterday. To Ralph, thanks for getting me through the home stretch. To the medical staff, thank you for your countless efforts through my bodies struggles to keep up. To Mary and the entire RTP staff thank you for creating an event for us to experience the ultimate level of human strength and tenacity. To the volunteers, thank you for your countless efforts supporting us. To Olivia and many other individuals thank you for your love, compassion and support. To the entire Sri Lankan community, thank you for the escorts, special excursions and beyond. And to my husband, friends, family, sponsors, thank you for overwhelming support from afar.

And lastly to tent Kandy, I love you all! Thank you for your friendship, love and support. We are a tight family and I cannot wait to cross paths many times in our future adventures.

Please take a moment in the next few days to visit the Lymelight foundation that gives medical grants to children and young adults suffering from Lyme.

I leave you with a quote my husband gave me to take along with me for the challenge to become the first female ever to complete the grand slam plus: "Courage and preserverance are a magical wand, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into thin air."

To all of you I wish you the best on whatever journey is next for you. God bless and namaste."