Distance: 5.1 miles

Position: 1st female, 10th overall

High Point: Running with Thomas Stordalen to the finish line.

Low Point: none

Wow what a race! The finish yesterday was extremely fun and emotional. Our day started with a peaceful last breakfast and STOKED STIX coffee with many friends. We cherished every last scoop of Expedition Foods oatmeal and great laughs with friends. This morning also was spent cherishing our last moments with our tent. Boy was our tent amazing. 8 incredible individuals that have become an extremely tight family. Franco shared some very emotional words with us and played a song that dedicated to us all. The song was Conquiste Of Paradise. We cherished every last second together. 

The final steps to the finish line were extremely emotional and special for me. This win meant a lot to me. Seeing the last finish line in a very hard effort is so incredible. The coke and pizza that followed hit the spot as well.

It is a special moment in town square with runners, volunteers, medics, grounds crew and race staff celebrating and hugging in joy. So many memories of the week rush back with each hug. There are bonds and relationships that will last forever.

I am so blessed for this opportunity to run hard and inspire the masses to get outside and explore. It is a really special opportunity to create awareness and raise funds for the LymeLight Foundation.