Here we are at camp 2! Although it was a 12 week break, it seems like just yesterday that I was sitting at camp trying to recover as fast as possible for another day to come in the desert tomorrow. The day was a bit shaky but I can’t complain as I took 6th overall, 1st female and wet around 45 minutes faster than last year.

Day 1: 23.1 miles

Position: 6th overall, 1st female

Highlight: Running though the slots

Low: Feeling hot and dizzy and struggling to eat

It is interesting, no matter how experienced you are, day one seems to always be a day to shake out your system again. For example, a tent full of grand slammers barely made it out in time to get to the pre-race meeting.  From the start, my belly felt extremely full but I forced down breakfast anyway. I was already worried how my stomach would hold up but stayed positive.

At the start,  realized my rigged buckle was no going to hold up. With a minute to go, I tried to tie my hair tie tighter and it broke. So the race began with a pack flapping around ad I decided to just get going for a bit and when the terrain presented a good moment to rig it different thenwould be good to go. I found a way to tie a knot with the small amount of strap left and it worked like a charm. It is now secure with duck tape =)

The day felt very hot and I felt a bi constricted by my shirt having a tall neck line. Eventually, I cut it. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so hot and dizzy and low and behold upon changing later, two hand warmers fell out of my sport bra and I realized with all of the nerves that I forgot to take them out from the night when I was freezing cold. Even with all of the extra layers and the donated items from TREW, my night was very cold. With our tent all being grand slammers and like family, I almost asked someone to move closer for body heat. This makes you a bit fatigued the next day, especially when camp is already at 11k feet. You just have to get tough and deal with the adversity quickly.

I sat in 5th position until 3k to go and Lulian blew by. He was a speed goat up the 3 mile hill.

Other than that I struggled to eat and felt dizzy, and hot. I had a hard time but knew to just keep going. The last challenge was my foot pads are still tender from Gobi and they already had hot spots. Thus I need to tape my feet to minimize the friction and prevent a blister.

All in everything is positive and the system of rest and recovery begins…

Until tomorrow,